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Diamond Candles with Rings

by Hair to Toes

Use Code at Checkout: HEARTS

Inside every deliciously fragrant Ring Candle, you’ll discover a surprise $10 ring packaged with a special code. Enter your code when you click on the banner above to reveal if you’ve won another ring worth $100, $1000, or $5000. One in 100 win a $100 ring. One in 1000 win a $1000 ring. One in 5000 win a $5000 ring!

Don’t forget to share a picture of your ring on Facebook and Instagram with #DiamondCandles and #RingReveal to be a part of the Diamond Candles story.



Support Diabetes Awareness – Free Wristband

If you or a loved one has diabetes, grab this free wristband and show your support for diabetes awareness. It’s also handy to have to help show you or a loved one is diabetic. And it’s free! Grab yours now!

Show your Support for Diabetes Awareness with this free wristband.

Just click the link or one of the banners to get your free diabetes awareness wristband.



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Losing weight and eating healthy has never been so yummy!

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How it Works:

Nutrisystem lets choose from a variety of plan options that fit your lifestyle and what works with your metabolism.

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After you place your Nutrisystem order, you can expect it to arrive in about 4 to 10 business days.


Sally Hansen Airbrush Face Lightweight Spray Foundation

Click here to learn how to apply Sally Hansen Airbrush Face Lightweight Spray Foundation.:

Sally Hansen Airbrush Face Lightweight Spray Foundation may be purchased at Walmart.

Uniquely designed airbrush delivery system expels a cool, extra-fine mist for a flawless finish. Our exclusive formula is weightless, with micro-fine pigments that blend onto skin beautifully and won’t settle into pores, lines or wrinkles. Apply a small amount for a light veil of coverage or build up more for greater coverage. Comes in 6 natural shades to match your skin tone!

Learn how to apply Sally Hansen Airbrush Face Lightweight Spray Foundation.

Application is easy. Shake well before using. Spray directly into hand and apply onto face using fingertips. Blend evenly and completely. Repeat until desired coverage level is achieved. Removes easily with soap and water. Won’t rub off on clothes. Available in 6 natural shades. Complete the look with Airbrush Legs Spray Leg Makeup.


Cook and Bake with Half the Sugar

SPLENDA® Sugar Blend is a mix of SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener and sugar, so it provides only half the calories and carbohydrate of sugar. But since sugar is blended in, it delivers what you’d normally expect from baking with sugar – it rises, spreads, browns, and helps retain moistness, making it ideal for creating moist cakes and chewy cookies!

  • Specifically designed for use in baked goods.
  • Adds sweetness and moistness to baking.
  • Provides browning and volume to baked goods just like sugar.
  • Ideal for layer cakes, brownies, and muffins.
  • SPLENDA® Sugar Blend is available in a two-pound bag that contains the sweetness equivalency of four pounds of sugar.
  • Just a half-cup of SPLENDA® Sugar Blend replaces a full cup of sugar.

Visit your local Walmart and check out Splenda Blends.