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Fall is a perfect time to try some red hues. If you’ve ever fantasized about being a redhead, here are some basic tips to help you find your perfect shade.

Red Hair for Fall

First, decide if your skin has warm or cool undertones. Hold a piece of white paper up to your face:

  •  If your skin coloring appears to be pink, you’re cool.
  •  If it appears yellow or olive, you’re warm.

You can also look to the color of your eyes:

  •  If you have brown eyes, warmer colors will compliment you more. Choose golden and coppery red shades.
  •  If your eyes are light, like blue or green, choose a cooler red with mahogany or deep chestnut undertones.

Fair skin: A light strawberry blonde is beautiful. Avoid mahogany tones that pale your already fair skin.

Medium skin: You can handle a deeper red, because there is more tone in your skin. A medium coppery light brown or auburn shade would be gorgeous. Avoid wine shades that bring out yellow in the skin.

Dark skin: Go with a dark auburn to a mahogany red or a rich, chestnut brown. Avoid intense shades of red, as they can bring out subtle green undertones in dark skin.

A few things to consider when going red:

  • Watch out when coloring over existing color. It could effect the tone and depth of the red you desire. Do a strand test before coloring all over.
  • Add a gloss between colorings to keep your red vibrant. You can choose a clear gloss or a tinted one that will wake up and extend your color.
  • Red color tends to fade more quickly, so it’s essential that you use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for color treated hair, such as Madison Reed’s Madison Reed nourishing, color enhancing shampoo and conditioner set, to protect and extend your color.

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hair to toes weight lossToday marked the first time in my entire life that I have turned down pizza.  Fresh baked pizza.  Super yummy pizza.  But I said NO – repeatedly.  I stood against temptation and did not fall. I am shocked. I am amazed. I am proud of myself.

I wanted the pizza, without a doubt.  But I did not want the loads of calories that come with it, and I did not want to regain the weight that I have lost. I am sure that would have happened if I had indulged in the pizza.

Of course, if I had walked two or more hours today (which I did not), I might have allowed myself a slice, maybe two slices. Maybe.

But I did do very well on my caloric intake for the day – less than 1,200.  When I weigh in the morning, I should see more weight loss.

So, the menu for the day turned out pretty good.  This morning I had a complete meal (230 calories), three Pepsi Next in cans over the course of the day (60 calories each), a pack of Nature Valley Breakfast bars eaten over the course of the day (230 calories), a can of green beans (about 60 calories), 1/4 cup of 1% cottage cheese (about 40 calories), a salmon fillet (about 100 calories), and tonight a sandwich containing two slices of low calorie wheat bread (40 calories each) with plain chicken (about 90 calories), and topped with about a tablespoon of cheese sauce to make it stick (about 40 calories).

The nice thing is that so far the only thing I’ve actually cooked (today) is the salmon fillet. That took maybe 15 minutes.  I put it in a skillet with a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil and cooked it on medium high, flipping it every few minutes, until it was done.  It was straight from the freezer in a vacuum sealed bag.

That just goes to show that you can eat healthy and not have to stand in the kitchen for hours cooking.  That’s nice because as much as I want to eat healthy, I don’t want to spend hours prepping food and cooking it.  Sure it’s okay sometimes, just not all the time.  So I’m happy that, so far, I am able to eat healthy and not spend a lot of time preparing the food.  As I go along, I will no doubt take more time for some foods, just to eat something different. But if you’re like me and just getting started at this again (or for the first time), this is an easy and painless way to get in that healthy eating without killing yourself in the kitchen to do it.